Thursday, March 22, 2007

My opinion on "Through Deaf Eyes"

In this ASL Vlog David chooses 4 small areas in the PBS documentary that he wants to discuss with you. 1) CI, 2) Beethoven's Nightmare, 3)No interpreter in view, and 4) ASL Classes.


DCABlogs said...

Great Vlog thank you for sharing your view. Yeah you make me remember ratherskeller they are great, wish they were video taped so it could have some clip in the PBS program!..

You ask whos behind the scene to produce this film. Here is link maybe you can contact them and find out?

Joey Baer said...

Excellent analysis. I liked how you clarified about interpreter view. I think this film is our BABY step toward educating people about Deaf people. We have lots of work ahead of us!

I will share my personal analysis via vlog sometimes soon!

asldeb said...

I agree # 3 (interpreter with student and parents) and # 4 ASL classes, film/movie makers deaf?, need to be included. Also CUED, TC, SIM, SEE, etc need to show in film. Some I know at Gallaudet can sign in ASL but they play like they are hearing cuz they have good speech. Hope they will show all on Part 2 soon.

asldeb said...

Also need to show what neat job CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreters) did with some Deaf/blind in classes at Gallaudet.

John Lestina --- said...

Response to David - CLICK HERE

Judy said...

I am not impressed with this program. It does not show the cons of CI. What about those Deaf people who had CI when they were young and later decided to remove it or stop using because of the side effects and others.
This programs apparently focused more on ear (hearing) and mouth (speaking) and less on our true culture, especially ASL.
I agreed that they should include more on ASL.
Judy B

Todd said...

I gotta agree with you about Rathskellar; They should have been given a more prominent role in the documentary. In fact, Jon Kovacs was doing a Rathskellar skit for a grand total of 1-2 seconds very late into the documentary! :(

As for your comment at the end, implying that the film wasn't necessarily through 'Deaf Eyes', it all comes down to a question of authenticity. If the vast majority of creative people involved in producing the documentary was hearing, then yes, its authenticity should be questioned.

LaRonda said...

Very nice comments on the PBS program. Your thoughts were clear, neutral and easy to follow. You have my vote for the DeafRead contest. ;)

I also LOVED John Lestina's vlg response. :) I love his enthusiasm! Go John!

~ LaRonda

Toby Welch said...

Very good vlog! I haven't watch. HOWEVER, I recorded it. Why? I had one heavy homework due today. I had to do it last night. I will plan to watch it tomorrow. After I finish watch, I will make comment in my vlog.

I know I noticed vlogs are lessing. I was extremely busy lately. I will make some vlogs this weekend.

Your comments help me to prepare to watch History Thru Deaf Eyes.

Have a blessed day!

Jessica said...

That is true, I have never seen Rathskellar but heard so much about it. Always CHAMP! and nothing different. It seemed to me that the music group was about making sound visual to us, while Rathskellar is more about highlighting on the visual of our language.

I am sure the music group does a fabulous job as well. They seemed like they really love what they are doing and show us that we can enjoy music just the same.

About ASL classes, they could talk about students' experiences in learning ASL and Deaf culture. ASL is considered in the top 3 languages learned in this country. I cannot remember which it is, 2nd or 3rd. Spanish is first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time expressing your thoughts of the TV show. I'm generally feeling good about it. However, I wish they would show more of Bilingual education ~ how deaf students can be fluent in both languages, and how the researchers often ended up identifying the successful Deaf students who have Deaf parents, being in the Deaf school at young age, being educated in ASL environment, and so forth. ASL is the strongest indicator for the Deaf students' success in the "hearing world (written literacy)". Enrollment in Deaf schools is declining- I'm shocked to learn that our 85% deaf children are at public schools and private schools (oral education) which means the Deaf schools have only 15% deaf kids.. what will happen in next 10... 20 years? How can we increase the number of our deaf children at the Deaf schools?? It's nationwide EMERGENCY for us the Deaf adults to DO something for our young Deaf generations in order to preserve the Deaf schools, Deaf culture, and ASL itself.

Anonymous said...

The most powerful ASL i ever see is Vital Signs.

Anonymous said...

Good vlog. I'm a former ASL professor myself. I agree with some points that you made on your vlog.

My biggest problem was the fact that it was very heavily focued on pathology, oralism, cochlear implant, etc...

What many Deaf people don't realize is, the whole point of cochlear implant, oralism, etc... Is to force Deaf people to be like hearing people.

So, HOW CAN WE SAY "Through Deaf Eyes"? When really, it is more like this: "Through hearing people's eyes and misconceptions of the Deaf".

I agree, that boy did look uninvolved. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that the interpreter is out of the camera range. I think it is more of the fact that his parents didn't sign all the way. They should have.

That boy's parents really upset me. They had signing abilities, yet they showed superiority by not signing at times. That is unacceptable to me. It may not be conscious, but it happened, nonetheless.

THAT kind of crap is WHY hearing people continue to have this superiority attitude over the Deaf. Over and over again, hearing people determine how to educate the deaf, determine how deaf people will live, determine how they will communicate, and determine how much access or a lack of access they will have. That upsets my wife and I very much.

My entire family is hearing, but a good 90 percent of them sign. Those that don't sign is not welcome in my home. That's just how it is. I have kicked people out of our house when they used their mouth without signing to communicate with our Deaf son. We don't tolerate that in our house, or anywhere else. We remind them that he is deaf, and his language is ASL, period.

And this only further exposes the fact that many Deaf people are weak minded and brainwashed. It's sad. It's disgusting!

I agree with you the fact that it should have talked more about ASL, ASL classes, and etc. That whole film was biased, definitely. I'm sure AGB association has a lot to do with that. Those audist lowlifes.

Joey Baer,

First off, my wife is Michele Westfall, aka Michele Listisard, aka Michele Ketcham... She says she knows you and says hi.

Secondly, I agree, we have A LOT OF WORK ahead of us. But, we have been doing baby steps since the dawn of humanity. Hearing people had enough time to reflect, and they need a kick in the ass. Enough of baby steps. We need elephant steps now.

Best Regards,
Erick Ketcham

David said...

I like your comments about 4 issues. I have always felt that Through Deaf Eyes should provide more information about ancient deaf history such as Aristotle, Gallaudet's Europe visiting, ASL and Deaf Culture explanation are not included. I beleive all of above is the best resource for hearing people.

However, I thought Through Deaf Eyes is the first good step and it is good for hearing people and parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. I just want to add more information in that.

David Kerr

Michele said...

Hi, as for vlogging, I have no clue of how to do it. I also need to get a webcam. I just think blogging is much easier to do. If vlogging was easier to do, then I may go in that avenue. I don't like to get so frustrated with all the technical aspects. Ugh! :-)

Anyway, the movie was great, although it could have touched on more subjects a little bit more like what you mentioned. My mother-in-law (mil) really liked that movie, she was so inspired, I am going to call my parents to see how they felt about this movie. I think it brings some encouragement and soothing feelings to hearing parents who are faced in making hard and difficult decisions about how to raise their deaf child and they see all these deaf adults there. I wish I had that when I was growing up, I never met a deaf adult until I went to high school so I had no clue of what would happen to me. SO this movie brings the light to deaf children that there are indeeed deaf adults who are successful and may also inspire them to learn ASL. I also heard that the book/DVD "Through Deaf Eyes" have already been sold out so I think it is having a big impact. I hope the Nielson rating will show PBS (I'm not sure) and see if this movie was highly watched by lots of people that night. If so, we have accomplished this in one night!

drmzz said...

Another great vlog. I appreciate your insight, something that I didn't think of or see such and such at that way. Keep on vlogging.

Shannon said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your candid comment on Beethoven's Nightmare but want to point out the show at NAD (2002) wasn't our best work. People from all over loved us at Deaf Way 2 however it wasn't until June 2005 when we released our first CD compiled of original songs written by us that include deaf culture and ASL. We hope to display more of that on DVD so you can learn more and probably appreciate the true intention of BN.
BN musician

Shannon said...

Sorry for the delayed Vlog Response -

Shannon said...

GOSH!! I have accidently linked my comment TO John Lestina's VLOG comment. (videoegg) - wrong filename!! Here's the CORRECT one.

Anonymous said...

Well I had like Deaf Eyes as it was not easy to put everything together in two hours. I do agreed about the part about the boy's parents not signing. I think it's great they have finally made something positive. Okay so they have emphasized on oralism and CI but it is part of history. I think everybody need to chill as making a movie about deaf history over 100 years is not easy. If they did, it would be done more than four hours just to make everybody freaking happy! By the way, I am an ASL user but don't like the criticism what I am seeing so far. I mean come on, think you can do it in two hours without making someone upset?