Monday, March 19, 2007

How to raise funds for ASL Programs?

Should we try this?


Toby Welch said...

YES! I mean Y-E-S! Why not! I think that is WONDERFUL idea! Let us try and do it. I will talk with my ASL professor at community college on Wednesday to see what he says about this. GO FOR IT!

Joey Baer said...

I would call this idea "think out of box"! Never thought of it and that's something we probably should try. If one of you ever try this, be sure to video the event and share with us.

Larry said...

I'm surprised your sign for "cochlear implant" was on your neck, rather than behind your ear in the proper location! Is that a regional sign, or your own?

The concept you shared is interesting to ponder.
Will hearing people contribute to hearing ASL students?
Or do you imply that Deaf people will contribute to hearing students learning ASL?

Susan said...

Is the target audience deaf or hearing?

If hearing, perhaps there should be an interpreter?

But (thinking to myself) wouldn't that defeat the cause?

In the past, they had writing and speaking (C.I.) to show hearing audience (and the audience understood both writing and speaking).

But with ASL, perhaps the hearing audience will be less inspired? Since they can't see/understand (ASL) like the first two (read/speak).

I may be too negative in my thinking of this. This could be successful. Thoughts, anyone?

Carl Schroeder said...

Nothing is impossible! I would work with the office of foundations at Maui Community College to create fundraising projects for ASL Program. They have everything I could hardly imagine for marketing. They also write for grants, and all I need to do is to supply them with ideas. I do have a drinking buddy from the office because thoughts and ideas are best in a social event.

Anonymous said...

Your idea is innovative! Let us know if it works effectively.

Now about the sign for the word, raise, as in ...raise funds...
I couldn't help, but spotted another blooper in your video. It is a common mistake among Deaf ASL Users. You signed LIFT for raise. Do we really lift our funds? It is not conceptually accurate in ASL. I hope you did not find me picky, but helpful. Thank you.
Deaf ASL User/ASL Blooper Finder

Wacky Taz said...

It wouldn't hurt to try to design a demostration to raise funds for the ASL program. There are thousand ideas out there and a couple would be very effective and efficent. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

True sign for Sicard or made-up for your vlog? I just finished teaching a book about Clerc to my ASL class and fingerspelled Sicard the entire time. Just curious. :)


Anonymous said...

What about code of ethic?

Kathy Hughes said...

Hi, I think it is a good idea to try raising funds for ASL programs ... It is would be much more benefit for the future of our deaf children everywhere. GO FOR IT.please let us know.KH

Deaf Advocate said...

I can agree with Kiss-Hand ASL. Demonstrations are one way of attracting dollars to finance our needs. It is entrepreneurship way of life.

We live in a free enterprise society. We can make fast buck here or there. You know there are even snake oil salesmen out there. I do not have to go into details.

But I can be frank....

Long time ago, I was in oral school. I was taken out of class numerous times to go out in the community. I was told what to do and what to say like having practice, warm up before facing a large group of people.

Golly! I would have peed in my pants if I had problems dealing with stage fright. But I realized after people smiling and clapping. I liked it. It is like a thrill.

So I went to many demonstrations through the years. Geez! The school made millions and I am a pauper!

Now is the time to get busy and promote ASL programs across the country.

This is one way to make a buck!

Yes, we can do it! The more power for ASL!

I have a presentation to make and I am waiting for the organization to make a formal approval before I can spread it out.

I have a project called ASL Training Center. I am working on promotions and I do not mind if anyone wants to adopt the name for each city, program, state, school or the likes. I cannot do the job alone so I am seeking partners in this destiny.

I appreciate Kiss-Hand ASL for further discussion on demonstrations.

Yes, it can be done! =)