Monday, March 19, 2007

How do you sign? March Madness/Hoops Hysteria

What's your sign for MADNESS?

Who is your final pick out of 16?


Dustin said...

I have to go with my SEC Boys, Wow.

Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt!

But I'm going to Gallaudet in the Fall of 2007, so I'll probably support Georgetown if SEC teams get eliminated!

My team = LSU Tigers!

Chuck said...

Georgetown?? Booo! North Carolina? I like Roy. Why? You will find out why below. ACC? Yawning.

Ohio State? Too much football left over last last season.

Flordia? Gators still sleeping with stomach full with championship from last year.

Kansas? Loaded. Talented. Full speed. Defense. Jayhawks are really hungery. They beat Texas twice from behind while National Player of the Year, Durant was hot.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Go Jayhawks!

Maryland... Soory, I will send you flowers.

Todd said...

I liked the sign you used, where you would sign 'crazy' but with fully extended palms (CL:5) instead of the usual index finger (CL:1).

As for my prediction, I originally picked U. of Florida to win it all again and repeat as NCAA champions. I will still stick to my prediction. However, I thought Ohio State would also make it to the championship game, but now I have my doubts, thank to their overtime squeaker.

I'll go with Georgetown to play the role as a sacrifical lamb for the championship game. :)

gnarlydorkette said...
my vlog response to your question of how to sign "March Madness"
Warning: Pardon my appearances... after a long day at work, you cannot expect a lady to stay pretty!

jwomick said...

wow u support NC? know what it is my neighbor state! hahahahaha i am from south carolina.

Joshua Womick

Dustin said...

Gnarly, I can't see your video yet. Is it the same situation for others? Let me know, Thanks!

David, LSU Football is the best!

John Lestina --- said...


Fookem said...

Pah! I need a break from deaf

For final four, I pick Georgetown, Memphis, Kansas and Florida.

Lisa said...

I agree with John L's sign for March Madness because the Zags and U of Texas lost...Send me a sympathy card. March Madness has been my favorite of the year.

brenster said...

usually i see March Madness, both fingerspelled, but i also see like what David demonstrated in his vlog "THRILL, THRILL." Yep, the NCAA tourney in March is always exciting, people get crazy over it, also many people get real MAD when their favorite teams lost (haha). My pick for final four teams are: Florida, Kansas, Georgetown and Ohio State. I believe that their consistency throughout the season will bring Florida, Kansas and Ohio State into final four but there will be an expected upset by Georgetown over NC! None of those are my favorite teams, but my money says Kansas team will be the champion.

Lisa said...

Go Florida Go!!

Anonymous said...

I just found a blooper in your video. I have no intention of putting you down, but I just want to help you recognize and correct that particular sign for the word, unfortunately. (...Maryland was out unfortunately.) You fingerspelled U-N, then signed SAD. Oops! That doesn't make sense because unfortunately could mean sad, but your sign shows that it is not sad.
You used the word, unfortunately, again, but you signed differently this time. (...unfortunately, ACC...) You spelled U-N, and then signed LUCKY. I think that the prefix, un, should not be fingerspelled. What do you think? Sorry for the lengthy comment. English is surely complicated. I wish I could explain in ASL which is much easier;unfortunately(SAD), I dunno know how to do a v-log. Anyway, I enjoy watching your v-logs and I hope I will not be able to catch another blooper again.
Deaf ASL User : )

FlaKyboy said...

Florida Gators will chomp all the teams who will face them all the way to the championship game! No discussions! No buts! U understand! Okay.. I like the sign combining thrill & crazy as the march madness in fact does make many people go crazy!
Again, Gators' stomach will never be full from last year's championship! There is always more room to chomp more teams! Grin...
Go Gators!
Billy Lange

Anonymous said...

come on david
be human


Judge said...

Pah, I am back.

My reply to your message...

Here I am..
answering to your vlog -- Just Click here!

Nick said...

David -

I would say "March Madness would be the sign "basketball immerse!"

Im having trouble with vlogging, its driving me nuts! I will try to send you vlog comment on this sign.

N. Ziemer

Wacky Taz said...


A sign for March Madness would be fingerspelling "March" then sign 'crazy' with spread and wave fingers with both hands over the ears.

Now for the NCAA tournament....few upsets so far. Yes, all four 1st seeds are still alive although I suspect only one or two top seeded teams would remain in Final Four if the history holds. I do agree with you that NC and G'town holds the best opportunity and controls their own destiny. Other teams may play big spoiler. Wait and see.

NavyBeagle said...

NavyBeagle’s March Madness Response

FlaKyboy said...

UNC Who????

Anonymous said...

You sucks!

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