Monday, October 22, 2007

Gallaudet HC Photos and Video

Me and Bacon
Me and NavyBeagle
Isaac(my son) and me...notice in background the much anticipated SLCC building.
Gallaudet Homecoming 2007 wth NavyBeagle
NavyBeagle vists the East. We talk about our meeting for first time and our day at Gallaudet HC.


Anonymous said...

Hi I always love to listen to "Kiss-Hand ASL" doing the vlog.. Keep up good work... BTW this vlog is not really easy to read those signs due to background not solid and also person who hold the camera keep moving, making it so hard to read those signs... Smile

David A. Martin said...

Thank you for your kind words. I apologize for the jerky motion and not close enough...but I must have the background because of Redskins Store *wink*

Bobby said...

Hey Kiss-Hand ASL,
I was very interested in your Vlog about Gallaudet. I just wanted to ask something out of curiousity. It might be kinda silly--is your haircut (the flattop) related to you being a frat member? I've noticed that a lot of teachers and coaches at Texas School for the Deaf wear flat tops because of their strong fraternity bonds. I learned about this from my friends that told me that frat brothers from Gallaudet wear their hair in this style. I've also heard that the frat guys are egotistical and snobbish. I'm not saying this is true, but it's just what's going around that people are saying. I am very proud of you guys from Gallaudet even though I have never attended Gallaudet or even been there. Honestly, I'm envious of you. I give a thumbs up because my education was not good. Also, I like "Kiss-Hand ASL" because I always use the sign 'kiss-hand'. Your Vlog is really great. Keep it up, Bobby Lopez

Judge said...


You added Redskins to your website.

Nice to know that Beagle being there for HC. Looks like that you all had a lot of fun!

Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

hi david martin !
I do remembered u from old gally days . i am member of class of 89ers .. I believe u re memeber of class of 88ers right ?? i was at Gally homecoming ... i am too awakward to meet vloggers and didnt want to bother them . i dont know how they feel when people meet them dued to seen their their faces by vlogs ... Next time i will find more courage to meet and chat with them if they re okay with this ...

cheree Ersek Mull
Gally Class of 89ers

Anonymous said...

Geez! The SLCC behind the field.....oh, that is bad location!

I do not know why the gang have made the poor decision to put the SLCC building right next to the field! *Duh!*

Bah Humbug......Boo Hoo! It's really a voodoo.

White Ghost

LaRonda said...

Hey there! I know how exciting it is to meet other vloggers and bloggers we've watched and read over the last year at DeafRead. I think it's so cool! Nice to see the guys connecting! We had the women connect recently at the Deaf Hope Tea Party so it's good to see the guys now!

Glad you had a great ti8me! Thanks for sharing!

~ LaRonda