Friday, October 5, 2007

ASLTA Conference in Tampa Fla


David A. Martin said...

hi testing

Deaf Kitchen said...

Testing too...I will see you there in FL!! Tagging along w/ my wife, who's going there on business :-)

Leigh said...

YES YES!! I am looking forward to ASLTA Conference which will be my first time... It's my third year teaching ASL as it will be my benefit to learn more from ASLTA conference, plus seeing many old friends like you and the others there...



Jac said...

Pah! So I can able to make a comment, thanks!
I used to be ASLTA member for a few years since I used to be ASL teacher in a local community for a few years, even one semester I was assistance to an ASL instructor in a local university.
When you get back from Tampa, FL, please sharing with us what you did learn there. Thanks.
Enjoy your safe trip.

Judge said...

Hey. Wow, where the heck have you been doing these days?? Gave up on Redskins?

Wished that I was able to talk with you when Redskins/Giants played on that afternoon. Karl and I were talking via BIM during the game.

Giants won at the end!! haha!

Anyways, welcome back to the vlogger world!

FYI, my wife will be attending.