Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Technology in ASL Classroom

In this vlog David discusses some of the technology ASL teachers use in the classroom. Are you using them? Any new ones? Let us know.


Barinthus said...

While it is true that most DvDs are expensive, there's one that's not that bad... Vital Signs from Mosdeux.

It's only 9.95 and the ASL performance is beautifully done. There are classifiers clips for three or four different levels of ASL fluency. I'd suggest you to check it out.

FRED said...


I am an avid user of Power Point in my ASL classroom, and I have developed pages and pages of them over the years, needless to say it's getting old, also. Ha. not yet qualifying for museum yet, but Blackboard is becoming popular now a days in most colleges and university and I am learning the new tech of it.

If I could ... I would love to sell my stuffs, but I don't know yet, because I still need to refine them and make it "original" because I do scan pictures from the book, giving due credit of course and no intention of selling these without the rightful authors, designers's permission or such.

A friend of mine also has discussed with me on the idea of developing newer set of technical presentations for ASL classes which includes all "video" aspects ... but expenses are still included.

So using blackboard, would go for now, which also includes powerpoint in them where students can view them after a class or before a class. Websites, another aspect... anything NEWER?

Any thoughts to download on protable devices other than laptop?
Something to ponder... mine is in the works of developing this, very crude and very time consuming!!!

I took a survey among ASL students, a lot of them voted, Yeah! Go for it ... see, see.

I appreciate your thoughts...

Wish you the best!

John F. Egbert said...


By all means, You and maybe some good friends can start a ASL class business....maybe a chain business across the country. Think Big and Go for it!

There are too many token hearing people already have inferior ASL class business and making a lot of money!

John F. Egbert

Anonymous said...

yes, Smart boards is Today's technology. We have started to use now in our deaf schools in Sweden :-)
Do it, it is very visually! :-)

Gunderson Family said...

Hi again!

To share more information on how I use smart board in ASL classroom.

I type list of vocabulary and complex sentences after each unit (because they tend to be simple/short sentences) so that students can stand up and perform a dialogue with other students. I always tell them NOT to read the sentence and sign at the same time but rather read the sentence first before they express it in ASL. This helps with their ability to translate from English to ASL as well as their memory skills (specifically for those in the beginning level).

I also use pictures on smart board for students to come up with ASL story about that particular picture shown on the smart board. The list goes on and on. I am indeed fortunate to have smart board in almost every class room at Front Range Community College. It has been absolutely CHAMP teaching tool! I look forward to many more ideas I come up with and I'd be happy to share them with you all! :)

Sometimes I have my students create their own sentences using the vocabulary from the unit or from what they have learned for homework and bring them to class, when they share their sentences in a circle- students watch each other and repeat each other's sentences to check their receptive skills.

Besides, what a beautiful wife you have! :)

More later,

David A. Martin said...
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Toby Welch said...


I agree with you that overhead is old. My ASL professor, Deaf, used overhead a lot. Powerpoint is a great way to use for teaching ASL. Blackboard is good way. I heard a lot positive. However, it is depend on school that provide for ASL classroom. Most of time, they don't. I could be wrong.

Thank you for sharing with us.


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