Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Video/Pictures from DeafRead Conference

See Joey, Ella, Paul, Carl, and many other ASL Vloggers on this clip. Enjoy!


NavyBeagle said...

That's an A+

I wish I could be there to be with you all. I made my commitment to work with Western States Basketball Classic at Oregon School for the Deaf last weekend. The tournament was successful as well.

Glad that you enjoyed your time in San Francisco.

There is always a next time!

Joey Baer said...

awesome piece of work - it was great seeing you. Looking forward to many days ahead already!

David said...

Hi David A. Martin

Great Video clip... good to see many of you enjoyed being there. I hope I will join you all next time. Have you any idea about where the next conference will be held? Windsor, Ontario, Canada??? eh!


GalaxyAngelz said...

David (Deafchip)
Ha ha, would be awesome, If suppose in Windsor.. I'll be very happy to come there only within 2 hours away from my hometown.. (chuckles)

By the way, Doesn't matter where DeafRead will be held at... within next year.

Lovely your video editing and etc.. Really impressive!

I'm looking forward this one within next year.

Aslpride said...

Cool video! It was a great memories. :)

Patrick said...

Hey Deafchip,
the next conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia. EH. LOL.

Patrick from Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

what a great vlog to share with us! thanks! adrian mack, take easy with ur comments.thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you be able to have this video on youtube available ? So we can have view optional choice please thanks.If able to do on youtube a link would be sufficent enough.

BobRRR said...

Thank you so much for sharing the video. Really cool! You are correct that I missed it. In fact, I was there at DeafRead conference last year 2007 at Gallaudet. Next time I must go! Thanks again!

Jay said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Didnt you crash into the car in front of you on the SF bridge? Grins.

Coach Creech said...

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing the video to all of us. Kudos!

Domvera said...


WOW! Your video empowered us with great miracles and inspiring moments in global effect by Deaf/HOH Unity.

Next year, I must join the collaboration of sharing with bloggers and vloggers to mount up the great empowerment community.

Thank you for your warming to share with us.

Take care!

Nick Vera

dndmartin said...

Hello Viewers,

Thank you for the kind comments. I had fun doing this clip....except that I had hard time putting it on youtube. I dont know what happened. I am a teach geek but not that good to figure out why Youtube wont upload my wmv file.

Ask Tayler and Jared where it will be next year.

It was awesome meeting you and hanging out with you all at the conference.


Judge said...

Thank you for sharing the vlog through your eyes.

I am optimistic that I will be able to join the next DeafRead Confernce..


Greg said...


Thanks for sharing! Obviously, I missed out big time but fortunately there will be many many more DeafRead conferences to look forward to!


deafk said...

think recent message went through a glitch!!

ok, wanted to say thanks for sharing the video with us! A new organization & a new conference among us, cool!


drmzz said...

Right on ("D D" on top hand). I see that you guys drove over a different bridge to S.F. :)

David A. Martin said...


Ha, you...a true San Franciscian! I went to SF all day on Friday so I took pictures of GG bridge and put it in the video. Me same as you used the SM bridge to cross the bay. I also drove over the Dumb bridge.

D-D on fist

Deb Ann said...

This is outstanding, David!

I was toooooo shy to join the Deafread conference, but I think I want to go to the following conference in 2009! You all are sooo cool! Good work!

Misha said...

Glad that you had a great time at the conference!

Thanks for sharing your video and pictures with us. We feel like we're there with you guys!

Gawd, I miss San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge! Our last to SF was in 1988 when we visited my hubby's sister and her family.

Misha :D

LaRonda said...

Enjoyable! I'm still riding the high!

~ LaRonda

todos la vie said...

I second LaRonda!

Anonymous said...

I Missed the first vblog, I got as far as you driving with no hands on the wheel signing, and then shut my eyes !


passingthru said...

Thanks for mentioning clearview innovations...I couldn't remember that website and gave up searching for the company's name on DeafRead. Now I found it thanks to you!

Barb DiGi said...

Awesome how you showed the behind the scene view of the conference! It surely adds to a personal touch.

Hey, how about adding when Joey was signing with both hands while driving, "Look Ma! No hands!!" That would be hilarious!!

Yeah, thanks to Sprint for sponsoring the conference making it more possible and to ASL vloggers like you sharing your videos!!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Thank you so much for sharing those photos/videos, it made me feel like I was there.

Thumbs up!

Davy said...

Thank you very much for share the Video Sir.


AslMan said...

That trip is awesome, really enjoy the conference. Thanks for showing.

Jon Savage said...


Awesome to see MANY vloggers included myself talk about Deafread Conference in SF on vlogs! I enjoy your excellent vlog! *Thumb up*

Your Big DeafRead fan said...

I have been reading DeafRead since Day One... Big fan of yours...

Wondering if Chicago area would be an ideal for next year DeafRead conference. Try Harper College. This has the Interpreter training program. Right in the middle of USA...

Virginia Deaf Bikers said...

AWESOME!! Good job on vlog!


Bobby said...

Hey Davidhero,

Wow!! I worship you. You did a very great job.

it will take a HERO to save DeafRead.
Thumbs up!!
Bobby L.

DeafRoger said...

Thanks for the videos & pics, great to see memories of a great time! See you all next year!

Ella Mae Lentz said...

Cool, DD on hand! Thanks for your "eyeview" of this great Conference. Seeing your vlog, I miss those at the conference already.

Looking forward to next one...

Everybody else, yes please plan to join the next know, the more the merrier!

DeafJoe3 said...

Hi David

Excellent! Thank you for sharing those photos/videos with us.


Anonymous said...

Very nice summary!

I wish I could see some more on your video. It's a rather short one.

Overall, it's very nice summary. Good job, David.

As far as where the awards went, I applaud half of them received the awards such as CODA Brothers but my eyebrow raised upon the other half received the awards. It certainly did not sound right to me. I think I understood what Deaf Read is all about.

For many of you, don't let the result of the 2007 Deaf Read be your bothersome. Keep up with your great work on vlog and blog. One day you'll get the proper recognition for your hard work and contribution to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Thanks, David, again for sharing with us the once percent of the 2007 Deaf Read convention.

No Name

ASL Deafined said...

wish we could have made it to the conference, maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

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