Friday, November 23, 2007

MDAD Conference

Upcoming MD. Association of the Deaf Conference


Jared Evans said...

Good luck with your ASL vlog workshop! Will you be taping it then making a vlog out of it?

David A. Martin said...

I know I should. Right now I do not know of anyone who would be willing to do a professional job with the video. Ummm if i fin someone Ill do it.

any volunteers out there in MD area?


Jared Evans said...

I would offer to help but unfortunately, your workshop is on Friday morning and I will be at work :-(

David A. Martin said...


with your permission...Carl, Joey, Roger and Teri. Thomas and I would like to proudly present you as native MD ASL Vloggers. and Phillip as current MD ASL Vlogger.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your presentation. Do not forget other MD vloggers. They are Candace McCullough and Sharon Duchesneau. They are my favorite vloggers for MD.


PS You may want to include Jehanne's VLog. She is the first kid who vlogs and she is from MD-- another native MD vlogger. Check out

David A. Martin said...

How could I miss them? Thank you Julie. Yes I will include them!

If I missed anyone else out there in MD let me know!


Jared Evans said...

I probably don't count as a native MD vlogger but I currently live in MD.

Judge said...

I am puzzled..

You are ASL teacher ?

If so, you signed "chairperson" as the real chair in sign then....

i wondered if anyone noticed it? :)

Nonetheless, good luck in the workshop! I'd love to see what you guys have to say? ;)

David A. Martin said...

Jared, You do? How come I never knew? Was your move a secret? What area do u live? I hope to bump into u soon. Sure I will mention ur name as one of the human editors of deafread. Are you also the "founder" of deafread? Judge, I know why you are criticizing me because ur beloved giants lost to the vikings. Next time I will sign control-thumb up. Who said I was the perfect ASL teacher LOL. David

Jared Evans said...

I live in Rockville, MD and moved here last July. I've been pretty quiet since I moved here so I could focus on get settled in and getting to know the city more. :-)

I'm sure we'll eventually bump into each other soon! I may be showing up on Saturday for the exhibitions.

You can mention me as the co-founder of DeafRead.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Martin,
How's Skins doing? Packers wonderful so far...I do think of you and J.J. Bailey.

How can I reach you via e-mail?

Letz the Great

Joey Baer said...

Sure brother, you have my permission! If I were nearby, I would be first to volunteer and video your workshop! Best of lucks!